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N.B. government laying groundwork for regulation of marijuana in province

New Brunswick MLA`s invested Thursday going over questions about public money for a medical marijuana company, and the announcement of a government working group studying legislating cannabis. The official opposition asking the provincial government why its financing cannabis based companies. Find more info on marijuana delivery los angeles

Most recently $990,000 in payroll rebates for 113 tasks at a Moncton medical marijuana manufacturer. We are clearly funding businesses when we can to promote their growth here in New Brunswick, described Premier Brian Gallant throughout question period, making sure there are incentives to develop jobs here when we see they have a strong business strategy.

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White House Still Opposes Cannabis Legalization

Although the federal government appears to be happening to some degree in regards to loosening up the restrictions its companies have against the use of cannabis at times, make no error about it, the Obama Administration still remains adamantly opposed to the legalization of cannabis.

A week prior to a group of marijuana advocates are set to get high on the front lawn of the White House in protest of the president`s objection to reclassify weed in a lesser schedule than heroin, Michael Botticelli appeared prior to your house Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Throughout the conference, the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy placed some of the blame for the American opioid epidemic on marijuana.

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Oregon Marijuana Extract Market Briefly Closes down Amid Legal Limbo

An Oregon Health Authority statement that unlicensed production of marijuana concentrates will be considered a felony has actually effectively shut down Oregon's extraction industry for more than two weeks.

At a March 15 online forum hosted by the Oregon Cannabis Association at Refuge PDX, marijuana company owner were shocked to learn that, under a state law that went into impact March 3, unlicensed production of cannabis extracts powerful oils used to make concentrates and edibles is thought about a class B felony .

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